Wookey Wallet

Finance Manager

App that helps you keep track of your finances


Stock price widget

Money Manager Ex

Manage your income and expenses on a mobile device, synchronize via cloud


tracking continuously the Philosopherstone (crypto coin) price on your mobile ph


Easily track your expenses

Car Report

Track your car costs

Simple Decred Widget

Widget for viewing Decred exchange rate

PiGrid Companion

Gridcoin Stakebox Companion App

Rental Calc

Evaluate rental property investment prospects

Simple Accounting

Manage your money easily

Android XMRig Miner

Mine cryptocoins with XMRig miner on your smartphone


Cryptocurrency tracker

Tron Wallet

Multifunctional wallet for the TRON network

Ellaism Wallet

Ellaism Mobile Wallet

GreenBits Testnet

GreenAddress Testnet client


Copanion app for monero miners on supported pools

Simple Litecoin Widget

Show current Litecoin exchange prices

Simple Ethereum Widget

Show current Ethereum exchange prices

Simple Bitcoin Cash Widget

Show current bitcoin Cash exchange prices

Gift Card Guard

Manage gift cards, their current values, and an image of the most recent receipt


Manage your income and expenses


Simple Bitcoin wallet

Just Craigslist

Search posts on Craigslist

Paper Wallet

Totally offline and secure bitcoin paper wallet

Food Scale Droid

Scale prices to common base units


client for k4ever cash system


Pricealarm for Bitcoin, altcoins, assets & futures


Calculate electric bill

Smartcoins Wallet

Use Smartcoins like bitBTC, bitUSD & bitEUR in 22 languages w/QR codes & more