Science & Education


Dutch weather and rain radar app


A flashcard app that won't let you forget anything.

Anki Image Occlusion

Anki Image Occlusion app used to create normal, group and combine cloze anki car


Client for the Polish school register VULCAN UONET+

JRPN 16c

Programmer's calculator similar to an HP 16c.

Warmd - Fight climate change

Understand global warming and get advices to reduce it.

Fiddle Assistant

Music tuner with tools for violin


An App for students to save their timetable, homework, notes and exams.


Official App for the Gymnasium Wendelstein


A simple app to create georeferences notes.


Calculate logitudinal one-dimensional pressure profiles in vacuum pipes


Menstrual/period calendar

Evil Insult Generator

This is the greatest insults app you can get!

Covid19 Stats

A simple mobile app to view Covid19 statistics 🦠


A simple, modern calculator that uses RPN (Reverse Polish Notation).

Ohms Now!

Helps you decode resistor colour bands

Mebis (Unofficial)

Displays mobile Mebis website.

Democracy Droid

Watch "Democracy Now The war and peace report"

Seasonal Foods Calendar

Your practical helpling for seasonal/regional foods!

microMathematics Plus

Computer algebra system

CV Android

This app permits you to contribute to Common Voice from your smartphone.


BASIC interpreter

Libero Vocab

An app for Android to practice with vocabularies in the KVTML format.


Provides information for the students of JKU Linz

Converter NOW

A simple, immediate and fast converter! ⚡

Buddha Quotes

A Free and Open Source Buddha Quotes app with a focus on privacy.

Spelling Wizard

A fun and simple spelling app to challenge and improve your spelling skills

Rubbish Calc

Check how much rubbish you produce every day.

LibGen Mobile

Non-official Library Genesis mobile client

Docspell Share

Share documents with your Docspell server